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0:51 Lens, Battery, Memory Card
2:26 Ports
3:55 Taking a Picture
4:19 Reviewing a Picture
5:44 Aperture Priority
7:48 Shutter Priority
10:07 Manual Mode
11:13 Bulb Mode
14:21 Shutter Modes
16:22 Interval Timer
18:14 Focusing Modes
19:15 AF Release Priority
20:09 AF Lamp (P2)
20:51 Focus Points
22:32 Manual Focus (C2)
26:00 Metering Modes
27:37 Changing ISO
29:41 Extended ISO (C1)
30:44 Exposure Compensation
33:09 Bracketing
36:19 Flash & Flash Compensation
38:51 White Balance
41:02 Diopter
42:18 Formatting a Memory Card (G3)
43:10 Shooting Raw (C1)
44:55 Disabling the Beep (G1)
45:42 Customizing Buttons (P2)
49:06 Back-button Focus
49:49 Framing Mode (C3)
50:42 Sensor Cleaning (G4)
51:52 Saving Custom Settings
53:20 Power Save (G1)
54:28 Wi-Fi (G3)
56:03 Video
57:06 Video Modes (M1)
58:24 HDMI Out (G2)
59:28 Black Levels (M2)
1:00:21 Gamma Control (M1)
1:01:15 Sound (M3)
1:02:03 Adapting Lenses
1:03:27 Zebras (C5)
1:04:09 Lens & Tripod Suggestions

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  1. Hi Tony, I just bought the NX1. I'm finding it hard to find any type of on camera control accessories to do portraits in a studio setting. Samsung has a cable release, but not any type of external flash units to control studio lighting from the camera. I love the camera, but I'm getting a little concerned on the limitations that I'm up against. Thanks for any info on this.

  2. Hi Tony,
    Thanks for this tutorial. I have a question though. IM very new to photography and currently use a compact Sony NEX 5N and want to upgrade. Would this Samsung NX1 be an ideal camera or can you recommend a less expensive make/model? I know some of Samsung's in the past were Pentax models with a different badge, which was often a little cheaper on the high-street. Can you make a recommendation for a novice wanting to own there first full frame DSLR but still get fantastic results.